Tezos vs Ethereum

The ultimate comparison analysis of Tezos (XTZ) and Ethereum (ETH)


You’ve probably heard of Ethereum, dubbed the world’s ‘supercomputer’, but there’s a new kid on the block which could out perform it in the long run; Tezos, a self-amending blockchain developed by Arthur & Kathleen Breitman.


  • What is Tezos?

  • What is Ethereum?

  • Tezos vs Ethereum Table

  • Tezos vs Ethereum Discussion

  • Conclusion

What is Tezos (XTZ)?

Tezos is a self-ammending cryptocurrency with in-built governance and verification features. It is well known as a popular competitor to Ethereum.

Governance is at the core of the Tezos protocol, it allows the blockchain to upgrade itself fairly and efficiently, an extremely important feature for the longevity of a blockchain.

Tezos is also special because it is one of the only cryptocurrencies in the world to support formal verification, which is a method of increasing the security of smart contracts. Why is this important? It’s important because there are industries where there is no room for error, and if blockchain is ever going to play a role in those industries, it needs to be secure, for example in aviation.

Tezos is similar to Bitcoin in the fact that the coin/token (XTZ) acts as a store of value and/or means of payment as well as playing a vital role in the network.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum is a blockchain protocol built to provide a platform for developers to develop dApps (decentralised apps), the ETH token works as ‘gas’ within the network for example when running/producing smart contracts.

Ethereum is well known for it’s role in the 2017/2018 ‘Altseason’ & ICO boom as it was used for many fund raises (token sales) and now many cryptocurrencies are active as what’s called ERC20 tokens.

Since its inception, Ethereum, has been widely adopted by developers because of its ease-of-use and familiarity, although, doubts have began to arise about its scalability and inherent future value, along with concerns about the supply and in-necessity to have a value.

Tezos vs Ethereum Table

Tezos vs Ethereum comparison table

Tezos vs Ethereum comparison table


Tezos vs Ethereum Discussion

Both Tezos & Ethereum have their flaws & points at which they excel. But there is a clear winner in our eyes.

  • Ethereum has no governance features, Tezos does

  • Tezos has formal verification, Ethereum does not

  • Ethereum has a large community of developers and activity, Tezos is lacking

  • Tezos has a limited supply, Ethereum does not

  • Tezos secured a $1BN STO deal, Ethereum is incapable of being used for large STOs due to the lack of security features


In our opinion, we believe that Tezos will serve as a better investment opportunity because of its value adds to the industry. We also believe that Ethereum may suffer if it lacks further development and scalability solutions. You can buy both Ethereum & Tezos on our favourite cryptocurrency exchange here.

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