FAQs | Axsonex Premium

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Premium service

How much is Axsonex Premium?

Our premium service is priced at a very competitive, affordable rate of only $49/month. Our competitors charge up to 10 times this price and usually, the content they provide isn’t a patch on ours. We pride ourselves on providing value.

How much capital do I need to start with Axsonex Premium?

The honest answer is as little as you wish, our signals produce a percentage result, therefore you can start with any amount. An average amount to start with is around $1000 but it can be up to any amount, it is completely your choice. We will never advise you, we just provide information so that yo can make your own decisions.

When is it best to take profit on a digital asset trade?

Our signals provide members with “Our Targets”, these are price levels which we believe the asset may reach if our trading idea is correct. As each target is achieved, we look to the next target for the next level of resistance.

How we usually take profit depends on the trade, but a general rule we use is reducing risk at each target by exiting a portion of our position depending on the amount of targets we have. For example, if Asset “A” hits the first target of $10 and we have 4 targets listed for that trade, we would exit 25% of the trade position, leaving a reminding 75% for each of the respective targets.

Another way of reducing risk once a target is achieved, is by putting a “Stop Loss” at the point at which we entered that trade.

What are the time frames of trades?

We offer a variety of different trade terms to suit every trader, below is an estimation of the time periods we give (note: this is an estimation, not a guarantee).

Short: 1 - 7 days

Medium: 1 - 6 weeks

Long: 6 weeks +

Which Digital Asset pairs do you give signals for?

We provide Trading Signals for all pairs on the supported exchanges listed here.

The most common trade pairs we use are BTC, USD & USDT.