Are you looking for a crypto group where you can share your experiences, ideas and meet like-minded traders? Look no further, Axsonex provides a crypto group for traders just like you.

What is a Crypto Group?

A crypto group is a group of cryptocurrency traders who discuss the market together, share trading ideas, news and important information.

The Pros & Cons of Crypto Groups


  • Get valuable information and insights from other traders

  • Meet like-minded people

  • Lear from other traders


  • There aren’t any we know of!

Best Crypto Group

Here at Axsonex, we host one of the world’s leading crypto trading groups. It’s FREE to join so what are you waiting for?

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Who are Crypto Groups for?

  • Beginner to advanced crypto traders

  • Cryptocurrency investors & enthusiasts

  • Anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies in general!

Common platforms for Crypto Groups

Most Crypto Groups are based on popular social media sites as they offer an easy way to access information, but they can get confusing and sloppy. Below are some of the most common platforms for crypto trading groups.

  • Telegram

  • Facebook

  • Slack

This is why we decided to create the Axsonex crypto trading room, to provide members with access to only the best information without all the rubbish.

We use our own platform with a native IOS & Android app.

What to expect in a Crypto Group

Crypto groups vary, but they all tend to offer a core community aspect where traders can chat. We decided to provide a lot more value in Axsonex. Below is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect to receive in our crypto group.

✔ Cryptocurrency signals

✔ Pro trading academy

✔ Research reports

✔ Market updates

✔ Live chat room

Crypto Group Screenshots


Crypto group feed - interact with other traders in a social environment built for crypto traders


Meet crypto traders just like you.


Share the latest crypto news with other traders.


Get a professional opinion on new topics within crypto


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✔ Cryptocurrency signals

✔ Pro trading academy

✔ Research reports

✔ Market updates

✔ Live chat room