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What is Crypto Analysis?

Crypto analysis is the act of analysing cryptocurrencies in order to gain a better understanding of their value proposition within the market along with predicting the future price of the cryptocurrency.

How to analyse a Crypto?

Crypto analysis is a simple task if you know what you’re doing, without prior knowledge of the industry, you would find it difficult to analyse a cryptocurrency.

This is one of the many reasons why we created Axsonex, to provide those who find it difficult with the best, most relevant crypto analysis.

Analysing a cryptocurrency comprises of several factors, including the following.

  • Token metrics

  • Team

  • Advisors

  • Product/market-fit

  • Decentralisation

  • Funding

How to use Crypto Analysis

Crypto analysis is useful for gaining a better understanding of a certain cryptocurrency and thus making it easier to predict whether or not it will prove a good investment in the future.

Axsonex provide Crypto Analysis in the form of research reports, these are detailed analytical reports which are not only retail-grade, but also institutional.

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