Forex vs Crypto


So you’re looking to trade Forex and/or Crypto, but are probably thinking ‘what are the differences between the two?’ and ‘Which one is better to trade?’

That’s why we’ve made this guide, to help you learn the differences between trading Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange) and Crypto (Cryptocurrency). This should help you decide which you prefer to trade.

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  • What is Forex?

  • What is Crypto?

  • What are the differences between Forex & Cryptocurrency?

  • What are the pros of trading Forex?

  • What are the cons of trading Forex?

  • What are the pros of trading Crypto?

  • What are the cons of trading Crypto?

  • What are the similarities between trading Forex & Crypto?

What is Forex?

Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) is a form of trading whereby users trade one currency against another. Traders make money by taking either a short or long position on a certain ‘pair’ (two currencies). Forex is commonly a form of leveraged trading as the price movements are fairly small in terms of percentage.

What is Crypto?

Cryptocurrency (crypto) is an asset class which uses blockchain technology, it stems from the initial popular cryptocurrency created in 2009; Bitcoin. It became popular to trade as an asset class due to its high levels of volatility and low barrier to entry.

What are the differences between Forex & Crypto?

Trading Forex & Crypto is very different, although there are some similarities. There is also an overlap between forex and crypto traders.

The main 3 differences between Forex and Crypto trading are:

  • Volatility

  • Liquidity

  • Regulation

What are the pros of trading Forex?

There are several benefits when trading Forex, here are the top 3 in our opinion.

  • High liquidity

  • Wide range of trading pairs

  • Global market (open 24 hours)

What are the cons of trading Forex?

Trading Forex does have its downsides…

  • Low levels of volatility (leverage is used to mitigate this but is highly risky)

  • Barrier to entry (your identity must be verified before trading Forex)

  • Lower chance of high ROI trades

What are the pros of trading Crypto?

Trading Crypto has become extremely popular for many reasons, including:

  • High volatility

  • Low barrier to entry

  • Large amount of cryptocurrencies to trade

What are the cons of trading Crypto?

On the flip side, there are some negative aspects when it comes to trading crypto.

  • High risk

  • Can be hard to distinguish between a good and bad crypto

  • Low volume (sometimes the market can be stagnant due to a lack of traders)

What are the similarities between trading Forex & Crypto?

Although Forex & Crypto are two very different markets, there remains similarities between the two asset classes.

  • Both are available to trade 24/7

  • You can use technical analysis & trading strategies on both

  • They are both easy to learn


To conclude, cryptocurrency trading offers an extremely good opportunity to profit in a short space of time whereas Forex trading can be less volatile yet has better liquidity,

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