BitMEX Fee Calculator

Free BitMEX fee calculator - use this calculator to work out the trading fees for your trade on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange

What is the BitMEX Fee Calculator?

The BitMEX Fee Calculator is a simple calculator for working out user-specific trading fees for Bitcoin & Ethereum perpetual contracts for the BitMEX cryptocurrency derivates exchange.

What is BitMEX?

BitMEX is a trading platform that offers leveraged contracts created and settled in Bitcoin only.

How to use the BitMEX Fee Calculator?

Step 1: Select order type - are you taking an order (taker) from the books or adding one (maker)?

Step 2: Enter the desired leverage of your trade

Step 3: Enter the trade cost (XBT) of your position (value under the buy/sell buttons once leverage and position size is adjusted)

Step 4: Enter the current Bitcoin price - this will help calculate your fee cost in USD

Step 5: The calculator will work out your fee rate for 1 trade in BTC & USD

BitMEX Fee Calculator Terms

Order type: maker = limit order (producing order on books), taker = market order (taking order from books)

Leverage: the leverage on your position

Trade cost: the total XBT cost of your trade (you can view this under the buy/sell buttons)

Bitcoin price: the current price of Bitcoin, enter this to work out your fee in USD

BitMEX Fees Explained

BitMEX fees are slightly more complex than other exchanges as they are calculated using the notional value of the trade, not the actual cost.

BitMEX fees for the XBT & ETH perpetual contracts are 0.025% for maker orders (providing liquidity) and 0.075% for taker orders (taking liquidity)

For example; say you open a (taker) trade which costs 0.1 XBT on the XBT perpetual contract with 100x leverage, you are paying fees on the total notional value of that trade which would be 10 XBT, that means that per trade, you will be paying 0.0075 XBT

((0.1 XBT x 100) x 0.075) /100 = 0.0075 XBT

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How does the BitMEX Fee Calculator work?

The BitMEX Fee Calculator uses a simple percentage calculation taking into account trade cost, leverage and the order type. See below for the formula we used to create this calculator.

trade fee = ((trade cost x leverage) x fee %) /100

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