What is Bitcoin Analysis?

Bitcoin analysis is the act of analysing Bitcoin in order to make predictions about the future trend direction and price. Using both technical and fundamental analysis, we can draw conclusions on where we think the price of Bitcoin will move.

How to analyse Bitcoin?

Analysing Bitcoin can be difficult and requires a certain level of technical understanding, therefore, it is recommended that you join a crypto trading room like Axsonex to receive Bitcoin analysis.

We analyse Bitcoin in 2 main ways, these are technical and fundamental analysis and help us better understand where the future price of Bitcoin will be so that we can create better Bitcoin predictions for our members.

Which is the most accurate time frame for Bitcoin Analysis?

We can analyse Bitcoin for 3 main time frames, these are short term, mid term and long term analysis. The accuracy isn’t usually based on the time frame, but more the solidity of the analysis, the more bearish/bullish arguments there are for a certain analysis, the more accurate on average.

For this reason, we prefer to create our analysis more based on the current situation rather than a time frame and then create the time frame around said analysis.

How can I follow your Bitcoin Analysis?

You can follow our Bitcoin Analysis by starting your 7 day free trial for our crypto trading room, there, you will receive our Bitcoin analysis on a regular basis.

Many like to follow our analysis by leverage trading Bitcoin on derivates exchanges, this is essentially betting on the future price of Bitcoin.

Why should I follow your Bitcoin Analysis?

You should follow our Bitcoin analysis if you wish to trade Bitcoin more confidently and profitably. It is important to note, although, that our analysis is for informational purposes only, and is by no means financial advice, investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk and your capital is at risk.

We believe our Bitcoin analysis is some of the best in the industry, this is why we’re confident you’ll love our service and want to stay after your free trial.

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