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So you’ve decided that you’d like to trade cryptocurrency, but you’re unsure what to trade? This is where crypto signals come in, crypto signals are essentially tips about the best trading opportunities in the crypto market.

You can get free crypto signals, but these are usually ‘pump and dump’ groups with a large amount of followers who plan to steal your funds.

Many people like to get paid crypto signals since there is higher value included, but it can be very difficult to differentiate the good paid crypto signals from the bad.

Best Paid Crypto Signals

At Axsonex, we firmly believe that we are the best paid crypto signals provider not only because of our incredible results, but also because of our extremely low fees and huge array of features.

What are Paid Crypto Signals?

Paid crypto signals are cryptocurrency signals which you pay to receive. They usually come with other features as well and are commonly provided within a trading room.

How trustworthy are Paid Crypto Signals?

In general, paid crypto signals are trustworthy, although you’ve got to be careful, there are a lot of scam paid crypto signals providers out there. Here’s what to watch out for when it comes to these scams.

  • Do they only accept cryptocurrency as payment?

  • Is there no chat where you can talk to other members?

  • Do they not have a website?

  • Do they claim to offer guaranteed profits?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’re most likely looking at a scam.

At Axsonex, we strive to be as transparent as possible, we have over 10K followers on twitter and many happy customers within the crypto trading room. This is another reason why we offer a free trial as standard, so that you can see for yourself that we are not a scam.

How much are Paid Crypto Signals?

The cost of paid crypto signals varies. On average, you can expect to pay over $100/month to receive crypto signals. At Axsonex, we think this is unreasonable and for this reason, we provide an immense amount of value at just a fraction of the cost. After your free trial ends, our paid crypto signals are only $49/month which includes a multitude of other features including a pro trading academy, research reports, live chat and much more.