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Becoming an analyst for Axsonex

Start earning by providing your expertise to a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts today, completely risk free for you.

We’ve built an exclusive community for cryptocurrency traders and are looking for analysts to join us in the trading room to provide cryptocurrency signals, tips, news and insights.

All you have to do is share your content, we’ll sort everything else including memberships, marketing, website hosting and everything else involved in running a professional cryptocurrency trading community.

What’s in it for you?

Of course there has to be an incentive right? Your time and valuable content isn’t free. This is why we offer the following benefits for being an analyst for Axsonex.

  • 50% recurring revenue from members who sign up with your link paid monthly

  • Link to your social media profile on our website

  • Access to all the other analyst’s information & tips within the trading room

What do you have to do as an analyst?

As an analyst of Axsonex, you can provide as much or as little content as possible, but you’ll earn more by producing valuable content within the community and therefore bringing in new members with your unique link.

The kind of information you can provide as an analyst includes:

  • Crypto signals/tips

  • News

  • Rumours

  • Trading education

Entry requirements

We are looking for experienced crypto traders. If you’re unsure if you’re suitable, please apply anyway and we’ll let you know!

  • 1 year crypto trading experience

  • Basic knowledge of Blockchain technology

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